Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair produced a video on the impacts of Salmon Farming on wild Pink Salmon.

This ties into our concerns of RoR development on free flowing rivers since industrial development in wilderness areas is inherently linked to ecological impacts. We believe that the impacts due to currently proposed and carried out RoR development in BC are so poorly understood that it is impossible to gauge future impacts on our ecosystems. We therefore try to stress the need for a precautionary approach to any industrial/commercial use of free flowing rivers and their ecosystems. It is also interesting to note that the Glendale River flows into Knight Inlet, close to the Klinaklini River.

Please watch the video on “Collapse of Salmon From Fish Farms - Glendale Grizzlies: In the Absence of Salmon”

Damien writes:
“Save Our Rivers Society is pleased to present a new film by POWERPLAY producer Damien Gillis, teaming with Save Our Rivers’ official spokesperson and longtime wild salmon advocate Rafe Mair. The film, “Glendale Grizzlies: In the Absence of Salmon” is a preview of a forthcoming series, S.O.S.: The State of Our Salmon, that will discuss the importance of salmon for our environment, economy, and cultures - as well as examining historic impacts on our wild salmon, culminating in fish farm devastation on the coast, and new threats on the horizon, including the pine beetle and private river power projects on potentially hundreds of our rivers and streams.

Time to start saving our wild salmon - as Rafe Mair says, “the soul of our province.” That means no more salmon farms, no urban sprawl developments on top of prime fish and wildlife habitat (see Silverdale in Mission), and no private river power!”